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Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant which is used to treat ADHD, Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. This medicine works on the central nervous system and brain affecting the chemicals responsible for hyperactivity & focus tendencies thus causing a soothing effect & increasing focus in the patients. This drug is seen to be habit forming hence you should read all about it before you order Adderall online.

Important Info:

Physical problems that can play a key role in deciding whether or not this medicine is suitable to you are chest pain, congenital heart defect, high blood pressure, heart diseases of any kind, motor tics, muscle twitches or Tourette’s syndrome, epileptic seizures or blood circulation problems in the hands or feet.

Mental conditions which get influenced under the usage of this drug are depression, mental illness, bipolar disorder, psychosis, or suicidal thoughts or actions. You can use generic adderall.

Pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers should strictly avoid using this med as it can develop a severe drug dependency in the child during his growth years & may need rigorous treatment.

When the dosage is prescribed to you by the doctor, it is never supposed to be shared with anyone else even if they have the same symptoms as you. Store this medicine out of reach of children, pets or anyone else who might abuse it accidentally or knowingly.

Side effects and Precautions:

Common side effects which may rise during the initial days of usage of this drug are headache, stomach ache, nausea, weight loss, dry mouth, nervousness, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lack of interest in sex etc.

Major side effects include heart problems with significant features as chest pain, fatigue, trouble in breathing; circulation problems such as numbness, pain, cold feeling, unexplained wounds, skin rashes or color changes in fingers & toes; psychosis  troubles with hallucinations, new behavior patterns, paranoia, aggression, hostility; epileptic seizures, muscle twitches or changes in your vision.

Stop the medication & consult the doctor right away if any of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome occur, identified as having agitation, hallucinations, loss of coordination, fever, sweating, shivering, muscle stiffness, twitching, nausea & vomiting.

Patients are advised to never use fruit juices or sources of vitamin C at the same time while using this drug. Do not use alcohol too. Instead maintain a healthy fibrous diet and ensure plenty of water intake to overcome constipation & stomach related issues.

Dosage details:

When you buy Adderall online, make sure that you understand all the prescription details and use the drug according to it to stay on the better side of the effects rather falling prey to the bad reactions of it.

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